We move the ship with the seasons making the whole year the best time to travel
The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). We recommend to change a small amount upon arrival in the country for payments like excess baggage. Our on-board currency (e.g. for rental gear or dive courses) is USD. But we also accept EUR, IDR and common credit cards (MasterCard and VISA) with a 3% surcharge.
Generally a 30 days tourist visa can be obtained for free upon arrival, as long as the passport is still at least six months valid. (For further information please refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Indonesia)
There is a fee on excess baggage the greatly varies from airline to airline and route. Please don’t hesitate to ask us directly about your personal booking.
There are no mandatory vaccinations for entering Indonesia. The general vaccinations for tropical regions however are recommend, such as Hepatitis A & B, Rabies, Cholera and Typhoid.
Depending on the itinerary there is limited access to a mobile phone signal, from time to time a weak internet signal as well. When reception is available we offer a free Wifi for our guests. For emergency communication we carry a satellite phone.
Children are welcome on board. For safety reasons however the minimum age is six years old
Yes, we do offer five complete sets of rental gear. Please contact us in advance to reserve any of it. We also are happy to send you a price list of rental gear on request.
In most regions we are diving and snorkelling in 28°C/82°F warm water. However, in the south of Komodo, Alor and the Banda Sea we sometimes find waters that are a few degrees colder than that. Hence we recommend for these cruises to bring a 5 mm thick wetsuit.
To get the most out of the diving experience on board, we recommend to have a minimum number of 30 dives for our guests.
Yes. Due to the so called Indonesian Throughflow the region is very rich in nutrient and biomass but also current. We plan our dives around the tide charts to ensure a safe yet exciting experience.
We provide 40 x 12 l /80cft , 6 x 15 l /100cft aluminium tanks and 1 x 4,5 l/30cft All tanks come with DIN valves but can be converted with an adapter into a Yoke valve.
Yes. We offer free EANx 32% on board. For not yet certified divers, Nitrox courses are available upon request.
No. We however highly recommend to obtain or renew the dive insurance. Many of the regions we operate in are far away from civilisation. In the unlikely event of a diving related medical problem, evacuation can quickly become very important. And very expensive.
Yes. We always carry more than sufficient emergency oxygen on the boat and our dive crew is well trained in administering O2 if needed.
Tipping is not mandatory and an individual choice to show appreciation for good service. As a rule of thumb we recommend to leave min. 20 USD / per day if you were happy with the quality of service.